When Family Law Matters Involve Children

Child CustodyChildren are often caught in the middle when parents are alienated, separated or divorced. The laws of Indiana protect children by holding parents responsible for their welfare regardless of marital status. A mother or father is expected to provide care, safety and education to natural-born or adopted children. A parenting plan for separated or divorced parents is an important stepping stone toward an enforceable child custody order that may be part of a divorce decree or may be a standalone order when parents have not been married.

Child Custody

When parents do not live together or are not united in marriage, a child custody order is a key building block for ongoing parent-child relationships — and protection of the child's rights. A family does not end with divorce when there are mutual children to raise. Rather, separation of parents restructures a family. Ongoing co-parenting arrangements, carried out thoughtfully and with the children's best interests in mind, can help preserve parental rights as well as the well-being of the children.

Note: If you and your spouse or cohabiting domestic partner are on the verge of splitting up, please consult with an attorney before moving out of the house or apartment that you have shared. Eric Oden Clark, Attorney at Law, in Munster, Indiana, can keep you informed about ways you can improve the outcome of the child custody order that is to come. Mr. Clark can give you practical advice as well as initiate or respond to legal matters that require your prompt attention.

Child Support

Getting your child support order right in the beginning is vital. Thousands of dollars may be at stake as you negotiate, mediate or go to trial to determine how much you will pay or receive when your child or children live with one parent part of the time, and visit or live with the other parent part of the time.

Once a divorce is complete or a standalone child support order is in place, you may have good reason to petition for a modification, raising or lowering monthly child support payments.

At some point, you may need help enforcing a child support order — or defending yourself when the other parent asks for enforcement or a modification of court orders. Eric Oden Clark can protect your rights and your child's best interests when modification or enforcement efforts become necessary.

Child In Need Of Services (CIN) Cases

Child-related issues in family law courts include cases where children may be removed from a parent's home. If you have reason to believe your child or grandchild needs court protection because of hazardous conditions in the other parent's home or elsewhere, contact a family law attorney for advice and help.

You may be the parent at risk of losing custody or visitation rights. Whichever side you are on in a child protection case, time is of the essence. Early involvement by an experienced lawyer can put an end to the problem quickly in some cases.

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